Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Propose a Toast!

I have been praying diligently for God to help me overcome our social stagnation. My girls have felt listless and friendless. God is faithful. At the urging of a fellow social butterfly friend, we have expanded our schedule to include a few social engagements and it is blissful. Every time the girls make a friend, I get a new one too. I love friends. I love how sometimes you just click with someone and the friendship is effortless.

I love meeting bloggers that I have felt that same connection with as well. JettyBetty was the first I met and she was soooo wonderful and fun, I decided meeting bloggers was fun. YES, click on her name and read her archives-a blessing to be sure!! Just don't expect her to post anytime soon because she caved to the facebook world a while ago!! ANYHOO- I made arrangements to meet Shorty Mom. Shorty Mom is just as fun and delightful as I knew she would be. We went to the same school for a while which just makes me laugh. 31 and 37 don't seem far apart-but in school years???? Infinity + 1. What is so SURREAL about meeting bloggers in real life is that the friendship is already in place. You sort of just pick up like you would with an old friend because, technically, you are old friends already. Even though you have never 'met' before and you aren't completely positive what each other looks like (even though you have seen pictures). Shorty Mom looks just like her picture, only younger. What a gift-to look younger than you are. I have always looked older and these gray roots aren't helping me any.

So my post today is a 'friend'-ly post. I offer a toast to making new friends and 'new' friends. Let's cyber clink our tea glasses. Cheers!

PS-I'd like to meet Amy "I'm a honey!" too. Mia, Hula and I will roadtrip it someday to Crazyville! I'm gonna go google-map Crazyville to Crazyville...heehee.

PSS-I want to meet all the bloggers I read eventually. Some of you are just so far away from KY that I might have to wait for empty nest syndrome or something. That will give Jason plenty of time to get the crazy carrot person out of his house!! Jacinda and I will go through old photo albums together of her grandmother's house because she will be down to one and amazed to learn what free time is. And Ami will have plenty of time to get adjusted to her new neighbors, as well as finish her mourning of the great Cletus move. And Amy time to empty her nest as well-plus whip up loads of Chai soap. (What's up with all the AMIES??) Ree can get the new worn off the lodge...this could go on all night...if I've commented on your blog, I've planned the visit, yes I am a stalker bogger!! (Susie dispatcher who hardly ever blogs and is no longer a dispatcher either, Fred-Jen, Becky K., Trailboss, Sabrina T., Kerflop...the list goes on and on forever!!)


Becky K. said...

You know you can meet a bunch at once if you join our blogger trip to Longwood Gardens in May!

It's only in PA...

Becky K

Ami said...

"(What's up with all the AMIES??) "

If it helps, you can just call me Mental. You won't be the first.


ShortyMom said...

It was great seeing you today! What are the odds that we attended the same elementary school? Can't wait to get together again!

E.T.'s Mom said...


Jason, as himself said...

Sorry, Janjan. Carrot lady/man is part of the package. You lose him/her, you lose me. So...am I that important to you, to be able to put up with carrot lady/man, too, while you're visiting? He's/she's really quite lovely once you get to know him/her.

And he/she loves to share his/her carrots.

Thanks for the link!

And I can't wait to meet you in person.

Jacinda said...

Aw-I'd love to meet you too! I thought of you this week because my aunt & uncle from KY came to visit us! I'd love to come see Maw Maw's house again. Maybe one day-then I'll go knocking on doors until I find your house!