Monday, April 27, 2009

Book Review: The Noticer

This book is subtitled, "Sometimes, all a person needs is a little perspective." Such wisdom is simple but true. We as Americans don't have any perspective because we are too wrapped up in our own world-our own hurts and dreams. We often forget that there are people in the world too hungry to even have dreams or goals. We get lost in being mad about this or that and forget about perspective.

The story in this book is about a beach town and a man, Jones, who appears off and on in the lives of the people there. He does more than just appear though, he notices. He notices when people are hurting. He notices vagrants. He encourages the people to read about great lives and encourages them to make their own lives great. He helps heal people and their relationships. He make a real difference in the lives of those all around him. He has a different name among the migrant workers, Garcia, but he is respected everywhere he goes and by whatever name he goes by.

I love this book. I love the encouragement it gives me that I-merely one person-can make a difference. I can notice people's hurts and help. Not on the same level that Jones does, but on some level. Just try to imagine a world of people that isn't so wrapped up in their own stuff. A world where people stop and take the time to smile, hug a stranger who is crying, help a kid up that has fallen down, tip a waitress a little extra, buy an elderly woman's groceries, etc, etc, need I go on?? A world of Pay It Forward (one of my favorite movies, I just wish it had been 'G'). Looking out for others, following The Golden Rule.

To say I was inspired by this book would be redundant but since I am a redundant kind of girl-I am inspired by this book. I even passed it along to my preacher. He did not love it as much as I did, but he still used an illustration in the book for a sermon. It is a quick easy read that really makes you think about the power of one person. READ IT!!

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