Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday, Monday...

Supposed to be a day of recovery from the weekend. Instead is a day of catch-up for me from what I could not finish over the weekend. At least part of my Christmas cards will go out tomorrow if all goes as planned. I could lie and say I like to send them late, but I like for them to ARRIVE before Dec 10th. Some of my out-of-towners may not arrive before Christmas!!

Oh well, no need to stress now. My other option was to not send any this year. It is an abbreviated list because my master record of addresses got deleted from our old hard drive when it was being repaired. BOO HISS!!

Buddy the wonder dog is missing and we are distraught. Aside from his wonderful qualities as a watchdog, we have grown to really love the boy. Really. It is hard to not know where he is. I have called the pound and they have our name and number. I suspect foul play though-this dog NEVER left our yard. EVER. Unless we went for a bike ride and then he went too. And never left our side. Gone just as mysteriously as he appeared.

I should be doing seven other things at least-so I will.

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