Thursday, December 07, 2006


I have cleaned up a very huge amount of orange juice and thrown away my small pampered chef quick-stir pitcher ) : because Lilly managed to break it when she was pouring, I mean spilling orange juice all over the fridge and kitchen. Later, Erika spilled her glass of milk all over the kitchen table. Kayla got beads and safety pins out and then looked right in my face and lied about it. I served breakfast at 10:00 which is a record late for me. So far, I have not lost it in a big way. Please God, have mercy on my day. I think this is why it is snowing!! A reminder of "washing us white as snow".

Okay, I am chastised mildly by your comments on my needy kids. A year ago I would have made all the same arguments. It just seems like there are alot of "needy" who sign up for all the good stuff-this from my hubby who sees the abuses of the system everyday, and other truly "needy" who don't know the system and fall through the cracks. Now, I need to tell you that I was one of those kids from the age of 3 until the age of 6. My mom would have died before she signed up for public assistance. There used to be a stigma attached to such thing. There still is for some people. We never even got free lunches. We also did not have much food, learned very creative cooking with what we had, and got one small toy from Santa. My best Christmas ever came from the church we attended (school bus ministry-my Mom worked midnights and was sleeping while we went). They brought us many boxes of used toys and we loved it. I am sure they brought us food as well but I only remember the toys.

A couple of years ago I delivered food (through my church) to two of my friends who had been through a divorce and were restarting their lives. I know they needed it, and I also know they weren't signed up anywhere. It made me feel good to help them. They probably both could still use it but they were embarrassed but grateful the first time. They would be embarrassed if it happened every year. Pride is not a bad thing. It encourages you to work your way out of a tough spot. Many people now a days abuse the system and do quite well mooching off others. I don't believe every name is that way, but alot of them are. It is sad. When I hear of true need, I don't want to have used up all of my "helping" money on abusers of the system. Every year God provides us with a family of true need(tornado victim without house insurance, man unable to work because he was dying of cancer, newly divorced, etc) and we focus there and then do a little other stuff too. This year, I just have not seen it. God forgive me if I have missed it because of our crazy schedule! Benevolence is a little overdone these days and the squeaky wheels get the oil. Alot of wheels are broken and not squeaking but that doesn't make them less broken.

Okay, there is my rant. Please don't think I am uncaring and selfish. I would rather give to anyone besides my children, really-they have more than enough!! I also can't quite stomach the thought of the system abuses that go on. Maybe I should not think so much. The whole point of this was to show mercy and compassion.

I am going to go enjoy the snow and the day!! I hope it sticks enough for snowmen. We don't have anywhere to be today. Sorry, dear hubby. Of course I want that only after you are done with your mail route. (This is his long weekend-Fri, Sat, Sun off) Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


Steph said...

My sister is in the WIC program and possibly others. She has two babies 11 months apart. Now, I happen to know that they have fast internet service for their x-box games that they find a way to pay for- but not the baby's formula or milk. Could this type of arrangement be what you were referring to because I don't agree with it either. It is an abuse of the system in my opinion, but I can honestly say that my sister does not even recognize it. She is so used to handouts, as are many others.

Deborah said...

I totally agree with you 100% !!!!
I think many (not all) people are abusers of the system.
There was a time about 3 years when my husband and I tried a business and it failed. It was going into December and we barely could pay rent, and my husband couldn't get a job. The only way our children were going to have a Christmas was for me to sign up for one of the Christmas programs available, I signed up the children for the angel tree. At the time I felt that it was one of the lowest times in my life, but it was also so extremely humbling. To know I'm no better then those people I stood in line with for an hour outside in about 20 degrees. To be with the other parents who (many) couldn't afford to buy their children toys or clothes and feeling like such a failure. I learned a great deal during that whole time of our life and I wouldn't change it either if I could. When I signed up it was the parents who put down what toys the children would get, so chances are it may be the same in your case which would explain why there are gameboy advance games being asked for.
Just a thought I may be wrong, but that's how it was when I signed up.
You don't sound uncaring or selfish at all, I didn't get that at all from either of your posts pertaining to this "subject."
I'm also going to go enjoy the snow. We didn't get much barely a dusting that stuck to the grass,(although it showed for a couple hours) but there's a couple inches on the patios and on outside toys that the kids can't wait to get their hands on !
So have a good one :)

jettybetty said...

I LOVE your snow analogy in that first paragraph!

I think it is way wonderful God provides you a family to help every year. I want to help those that fall through the cracks--that would never ask for help--but could really use it. I am gonna be praying for this (for me and you?)--thanks for the encouragement!