Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas is over?

Not really, today is actually day one of the twelve days of Christmas. It does not end until Epiphany on Jan 6th. We may study each day this year but there will be no more gifts. Last year we did that and the kids were ruined by day 4. This year they are ruined as of Dec 24. My children have become gift monsters the last few days and I keep reminding them that we DID NOT NEED ANYTHING and yet we received some things. GIFTS ARE OVER!!

In years past, I have been an extreme taker-backer but this year, I will only be taking back a few things that must be swapped or gifts that I bought erroneously (a CD player for grandma when she already had one). Erik is off today and I will go alone and return some things and maybe spend my gift certificate for clothes. STEPHANIE-I Wish you were here to accompany me!! I miss you and I think Erik is planning to do Texas this year- so sometime this spring!!! Jetty Betty, this means we may get to meet in real life!! I would be honored. Reading about your Christmas inspires me!! You should totally go into more detail about what you do now and how you got there!

I will also be on the look out for extreme bargains. I used to really shop like a mad woman after Christmas but I do not anymore. I actually used to do most all of my Christmas shopping after Christmas, but I don't like to do it that way anymore. Next year I will shop a little every month. Painless. I made my Christmas card master list already.

I am already beginning to think about my New Year's resolutions. I don't normally make them but this year, some important changes need to be made regarding how I spend my time, fellowshipping with friends and family more, and really mentoring how to have good relationships to my kids. Over Christmas, I observed some typical kid behaviours that I did not think my kids would have (snobby, bragging??-call me baffled??). That needs to be dealt with in a carefully positive way. Anyway, some good healthy re-prioritizing. I also noticed some old ugly behaviours in myself that need to be mulled over as well. There were a few things I noticed in Erik as well, but since he is grown, I am not his Holy Spirit, and he belongs to God-I will try to let him take care of his own stuff. That is really hard guys!! I don't always master just loving him without "pruning" him-but I have improved 300%.

Hope you had wonderful family times and that you were blessed celebrating the birth of Christ with your families. If Christ was not involved in your holidays and you don't know him, I am always here to answer any questions you might have about life with him, versus life without him. ( :

Some of my posts may become very introspective so if you want to skip out for a few days and go read something funny, I totally understand.

I have to do word verification to post my blog now. It always takes me at least two tries to figure out the letters. Anyone else have this problem? They are always written so weird and squished together. I like words more than letters. IT should be called random and odd letter verification-not word verification.

And now I will try again....

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