Sunday, December 10, 2006

Top five list...

The top five things I have learned this weekend:

5. Red corvettes demand attention. Erik's friend loaned him his OTHER corvette this weekend and the attention it brings is quite hilarious and usually all male.

4. Some dreams should stay in the box until kids are grown or at least more grown. The Christian bookstore we looked at is awesome, but I don't think I could handle a six day a week business, homeschooling and renovating three floors.

3. My church family is amazing. Sometimes I complain, but they never cease to amaze me with their love, acceptance, and generosity.

2. Most everyone I know has just as many day to day problems as I do. BUT, most of them get more sleep.

1. When people disappoint me, it is usually my expectations that are the real problem.

AND the other big awesome lesson, more awesomer than all of these is, yes my commentor was right-people treat your children the way you do. If you treat them well and make sure others know how cherished they are (without bragging), they will agree and also cherish. If you categorize them as a monster, others will too. One of my friends kept going on and on about how poorly behaved her daughter was all night. I thought her daughter behaved perfectly for 4 years old. At the end of the night I overheard someone say how wild and awful this kid was. She was NOT, but her mom convinced this man that she was and he saw behavior that was not there. BIG lesson for me. I tend to expect way too much of my kids and am very vocal about my disappointment. I need to cut it out. NOW.

Good weekend. There is a tree in my living room that smells delicious and although short and stout, has a lovely Christmas shape. Someday we will have time to decorate it. Lilly has a new piano stand, no more keyboard falls. We had a wonderful weekend with my darling hubby despite him having two gigs. He did a perfect balancing act. Go hubby!! I am relieved to have my normal chaos not a whole other set of chaos(see #4). This should be a busy but fun week. Hope yours is as well.


BohemianMama said...

I have experienced #1 several times. It seems like the longer I live and the more I experience that, it makes me more self aware and less harsh on other people. I'm learning to look at me a little harder before I blame them. For me, this concept has also flowed over into the area of not being "easily offended". God is teaching me about that too.

thruchildeyes said...

I'm way behind on my internet time, so I'm just now catching up with you. A while back you wrote, "Alot of wheels are broken and not squeaking but that doesn't make them less broken." about people who truly are needy. I think it's very profound and I expect to be pondering it the rest of the day.

Steph said...

Where did you get the piano stand? I would like to get one for our keyboard. I am glad you acknowledged how wonderful your girls and husband are.

Anonymous said...

I think (from my own experience) that we should not have expectations of anything or about anyone and just let God do whatever He is or isn't going to do.
Of course, this is easier said then done most of the time :)