Monday, December 04, 2006


Our needy children have things on their list that are more expensive than toys I will allow my children to have. Gameboy advance games. That is a hefty item. Are we officially more needy than the children we are adopting? Not really, we have made the choice not to have things like that but still, you get my point. The day any child we adopt asks for ipod accessories, I am officially done adopting.

We are getting a new roof. Today. It is very loud and should be an exciting school day. Hope you have a great quiet day.


Anonymous said...

Not a quiet day here at work.

Yes, I do see what you're saying. But at the same time, some of these folks have just hit hard times. They were doing fine, able to afford Gameboy Advances and such when WHAM! Disaster strikes. Now maybe they should have been better prepared, but some of life's toughest lessons are learned the hard way. I know lots of people who are living life to the fullest on every last dime of their paychecks. All it would take is one good size tragedy, and they would be homeless and their kids having no Christmas. Maybe they shouldn't ask for Gameboy Advance games, but maybe they can't think of anything to ask for. I don't know. Just trying to give them the benefit of the doubt . . .

~DanaB~ said...

Like Susie said, maybe they got those more expensive items before falling on hard times OR maybe those items were/are gifts as well.
We chose to give a GameBoy and a game to a needy child because I wanted that child to have something his peers at school had--maybe 'for once'? Something magical under their tree :)
That said, I DO see your point!!


Sara said...

I know this can be difficult to see, but I think our culture has taught our kids to ask for these things. They are just asking for the things that their peers at school are talking about. They desperately want to fit in. Depending on the family, the parents are typically at fault but the kids are suffering the consequences. Sometimes I think we fall into the same trap of asking for things that are extravagant on the off chance that we may get it.

You have the ability to teach and make those choices for your kids. These other parents may not know enough to teach their kids similar things.

I hope you won't let this affect your giving to others who may need more than we will ever know.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I think this is a hard one. From my experience most children that are really needy aren't asking for gameboy advance games.
Most of those children are happy with "basic" toys because they don't have much in toys. Or they ask for necessaties like coats or new shoes.
I know some children that I don't think have ever known a real Christmas,(and have next to nothing) what a shame for the children !

Anonymous said...

Seems to me, there could be several possibilities. One is that they've been exposed to it somewhere (a friend has one) and they just want one and don't have a clue how expensive it is. My 6 yr old daughter wants a Leapster. She played with a friend's, and that's all it took. Also, the afore-mentioned possibilities of fitting in and having had these luxuries in the past are also likely.
I guess the main question is what is your goal in gift-giving ? Is it your intent to "make their dreams come true?" Give them the Gameboy! Is it your goal to provide needed items? Then let your conscience lead you. They can't wear a Gameboy to school.
One thing you could consider is trying to find a Gameboy on ebay (NIB) for less money so that you can more easily justify the expense and get both the dream gift and a needed gift.