Thursday, December 21, 2006

Joy to the World

All three of our little angels sang this last night at the church Christmas party featuring most of the kids in our church. (Some of them opted out). My children actually sang-all three of them. Lilly might have lip-synched a bit but I think she sang some too. Anyway, this is a big accomplishment as I have had non-singers for years. Lilly was a horse and my big girls played angels and they read their parts beautifully. Erika had memorized hers but did not trust herself in front of people. My Mom went with us and it was great. She really enjoyed the kids program and the food. She did not enjoy our goofy games and "cutting up" talent, so I took her back to our house to her vehicle. With every Christmas party, it is not so much fun when it gets to the truly family being goofy time IF you are a visitor. All in all it was a great night and we all had fun.

I told Erik about a banking error I had made and I was so braced for condemnation, I actually felt condemnation where there was none. He wasn't tickled, but it is covered and over. Mountain out of a molehill? That is me. I am glad I told him. My other plan involved not telling him and trying to cover it somehow??? This, of course, was not doable as I don't really have much income and use my Pampered Chef money to cover things like gas and incidental groceries, fun money. Anyway, honesty is the best policy.

My next goal for myself is to limit my computer time. I spend entirely too much time browsing and blogreading. I have a really good timer (Pampered Chef) that can be turned off and on and still keep counting. I thought about setting at an hour or 2 and letting that be all I can do in a day. That way, I will be aware of exactly how much time I spend on there and will get more done in a day or night. What do you guys do? Or am I the only one with this excess problem? My problem has really gotten bad since we got DSL, I really love it. and hate it. I read blogs, look at curriculum, watch you-tube(hubby really likes you-tube!). It is so quick. Now it is time for the new to wear off and me to get some control. Anyway, I am eager to hear your suggestions if you struggle with this.

Have a very productive Thursday!! Tomorrow starts Christmas every night for us!! The beginning of Christmas!! The house is almost kind of clean and I am sort of caught up with laundry-about 2 loads left. YEAH!!


Anonymous said...

I struggle with it some... I allow myself a couple of nights a week to veg-out and spend as much time as I want surfing, to get my fill of it. Sometimes it's two nights a week, sometimes three. The other nights, I'm usually too busy with laundry or getting homeschool stuff ready.

One thing that works for me when I feel that "magnetic pull" to the computer, but I know I should do more productive stuff, is shutting the whole thing down instead of just putting it in "sleep" screen, no screen savers calling out to me, saying "I'm here...just click the spacebar and space out, baby..." :)

steph said...

I don't have any suggestions, yet. I just got DSL recently myself and am still in awe of the speed. What keeps me away is knowing that there are things that need to be done and Chad WILL hold me accountable. Ask Erik to get involved- hee!hee! I just finished reading your last four entries- thanks! It is always interesting. You are a great speaker and writer.

jettybetty said...

I think I need a timer, too--I can loose way too much time reading blogs--but it's just so enjoyable--and many times encouraging!

Anonymous said...

I like Julie's advice ! I've had DSL for several months and it's so great not having to "wait" for dial up.
I am on usually in the morning and then a little in the evening. Sometimes I might sneek a peek at my blog for comments in the afternoon, but I TRY not to stay on to long :)
Been there done that with the banking !! One time I thought I had put money in my business account but actually put it in my regular checking account. My business account ended up overdrawn for like 4 days. There was almost $200 in overdraft charges. I'm VERY cautious with my deposits now !