Friday, December 29, 2006

IF you ever notice me lamenting my life completely. Convinced that I am a failure as a wife and mother. Depressed because I don't "feel" like my husband loves me, or that I am number one in his life. When I find that I don't think even God can love me. I am a failure and life is not good, there is nothing that makes living worthwhile. Yes, my friend, I am about to start.

I wish I could rewind and not have a fight with my husband. PMS fights are so cliche' and I am so mean. I'm sorry babe, please forgive me for being a hormonally challenged crazy woman. I would say I am looking forward to menapause, but I am quite a few years away from it AND I hear it gets much worse before it gets better. Tally it up on the "reasons it is so hard to be a woman" list. Put hormones after birthing babies but before people talking to your chest.

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