Friday, December 08, 2006

Wow, Exiting, and YES a little crazy!!

We have had a fun day today. As always, we started out with Math, science and journaling. Later this day we had an art class. Dad was home today, so the day is a little skewed-but not too bad. It is usually my choice to disrupt the day when Dad is home. He would be just fine with busines as usual. Art class was taught by my friend Michelle and went great. So nice to not have to plan the craft, but just show up. This must be how my girl scout moms feel. ( :

Second order of the day, Erik has thrown me quite a curve ball in planning our future. We are thinking about something we have been thinking about since Erika was in second grade. It involves much research and soul-searching. Keep us in your prayers. It is hard to imagine following a dream, really. It is much safer to keep dreams bottled up in your brain to take out and examine in times of quiet and leisure. To actually make it happen is a little scary. I will keep it at that for now. Some things are best internalized for a bit before publicizing.

I bought the most coolest Fontanini Advent Nativity Calendar. I love their things and since you add a piece of the nativity scene with each day of advent, it is totally cool. Tomorrow I will approach Erik with waiting until Christmas Eve to put up the tree and celebrating the 12 days of Christmas. I predict a veto. We shall see. The ADVENTure continues.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I must admit you have me intrigued about the dream.

And that sounds like an interesting idea with the 12 days of Christmas. : )