Sunday, December 31, 2006

My house has returned to some semblance of order. I look around and think, why can't I keep it this way? My house is small, it isn't an obscene amount of work to clean. So what? I think it is the five of us just setting things "here" for a "minute", we'll put it up in a "little while". Soon, everything we own is out of place.

More order = less marathon cleaning. Maybe.

Today is New Year's Eve and we are staying home. We would love to be going out somewhere but alas we are not invited anywhere and we are not equipped for hosting a large group. Maybe next year we will host a small group. Once upon a time we had a social life but it is no more. Our neighbor is over and the kids are watching a movie. Erik is resting because he has a gig later. He will be home about one or so. He doesn't go back to work until Wednesday. (No mail until Wednesday because of the funeral of Gerald Ford-federal holiday.) I had planned to get the girls started back to school tomorrow, but perhaps we will postpone that until Wednesday-the first day of CO-OP!! I am a little afraid but I know I will be with a good group of homeschoolers so that will make the transition easier.

I don't have alot to blog about today. My mind is bubbling over with thoughts and things going on, but everything is just brewing away, no new developments yet. I curled up with Bill O'Reilly last night on the couch for a few hours and he really got me thinking. A few more hours with him tonight and I should be finished with "The Culture Warrior". It is a great book and even though I have not finished it, I highly recommend it. That book plus a sermon today about what it means to be holy-set apart, actually go hand in hand for me. Alot of thinking going on in the thinker this weekend. I'll let you know if anything profound develops. Don't hold your breath.


~DanaB~ said...

That husband o' mine and I are both enjoying reading 'Culture Warrior' as well. Very interesting points about sometimes you just can't avoid conflict, how sometimes you must stand up and speak loudly for what you believe in.

~Happy New Year!~

Anonymous said...

I miss the church-wide get-togethers we used to have too. Summer did a great job making everyone feel included- and the band was great :-) But I think I'd sink if I had to add one more thing to be in charge of at this time of the year... so it's just us again this year as well.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about your house. I feel the same way too. The five of us just setting things down and soon all our stuff is everywhere. I'm working on correcting that habit.
Good luck to you on the same!

Happy New Year!!

h said...

"Sometimes you must stand up and speak loudly for what you believe in."
Sometimes you need to shut your mouth and be in submission to your husband.
Or just shut up all together!

janjanmom said... obviously have not read the book Dana B and I are referring is about standing up for what is right as a citizen, not in the marriage.