Thursday, December 14, 2006

Okay Steph, it won't let me comment on your blog, so I have to do it here. Thank you for mentoring to me from long-distance. I know that I just need to "be OK" no matter what and let God handle the details. He has a plan and in his time there will be changes. It just is really hard to let go of it and accept my circumstances sometimes.

That said, don't get me wrong, we are doing great. Happy, healthy family of five with pretty typical speed bumps in the road. The other day I was driving way to fast when I hit one.

I think my hubby is well again. He had to miss work due to intestinal explosions. He missed Wed. and I convinced him to give it another day Thurs. and spare his mail route the germs! He handles alot of mail in a day-that's alot of germs to be sharin'! So his fever broke last night and he is mostly recovered today.

The girls and I have been gone almost all day today. We went skating with our homeschool group and then out to lunch with some new friends. We ran lots of errands: Pampered Chef delivered, post office, advent wreath shopping(we've only missed 14 days and two Sundays). Then I brought the kids home and went and finished all of my shopping-I think. Now I can focus on the tree and Christmas cards(OR quite possibly, happy new year cards!). I was gonna be so caught up this year and it ain't happening.

I am oficially joining a co-op. It starts the first Wed. in January. I am very excited. I will teach Lilly and 4 others around the same age language arts and math. I must be crazy, but I am just plain giddy to get to teach and spend time with Lilly(& company) and know someone is working with the other two!! It has been so much the other way for so long!! I hope she behaves better than she did with Bible hour. If she does not, it will be a nightmare and I WILL cry, throw up my hands and turn in my mommy hat. OR just deal with it.

Tomorrow I may not post at all because my house needs serious attention. Seriously. Laundry is not as bad as it could be, but paper has taken over every smoooth surface in the place. I hate when that happens. Have an awesome weekend! Hubby is working day(mail) and nights(drummin) so it will be as any other day around here til Sunday. We have a trip to a museum planned for our care group on Sunday-Adsmore house in Princeton. It is decorated with original vintage Christmas decorations. I am excited. If all history could be hands on and re-enacted I would really like it. Just don't give me a textbook of dates and names to regurgitate!! Give me people and stories and let me look through the old belongings. Hands-on, it is the best!

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