Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thanks for prayers!

I looked at my puffy eyes in the mirror yesterday and told God it would be all him if I made it through the day and all I had to do without crying. I made it and give him full credit. As usual, he went above and beyond. Erik was able to make it to Lill's recital. She did well and loved the audience. From the big smile on her face, you would have thought the applause was all for her. I believe we have a star in the making.

Then I came home and made my chocolate goodies for the homeschool Mom's Christmas party. 5 dozen. It took a little longer than I thought, but I was able to be right on time. I had a wonderful time at the party!! We do a white elephant curriculum swap and it was the best "Dirty Santa" that I have ever played. We laughed our heads off. We did two rounds of stealing, teasing and laughing. We discovered who was "Victorian", and then discussed "making memories". It was a snorty laugh good time. Then a few of us went to steak and shake to continue our "night out". Sandy was able to join us and we had more good fellowship. She filled me in on all the details of the coop I am joining. I may be a little crazy for doing it, but it is a trial semester. I think it will go well and be a nice addition to our school.

I really missed Steph, this was my first Mom meeting without her. She is in my heart and I get to read her blog...( : AND, she was praying me through. Steph, I appreciate the prayers you sent up for me...the rest of you too! Nothing is different today except my heart and attitude. The circumstances did not have to change for God to lift my head and today he is still holding it up. Isn't he just awesome!

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