Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Laughter is the BEST Medicine

Mom's night out with my homeschool peeps is one of my favorite occasions. Laughter does a girl good and there was plenty of it. We discussed everything going on in our lives and all left with a lighter load on our weary shoulders.

Motherhood is a tough calling. Working outside the home or not, there are sacrifices to be made on a daily...sometimes hourly basis. Selflessness just becomes a way of life when the kiddos are very young and if we aren't careful, we will find ourselves, well, SELF-less. Having lost our way and who we are. I am thankful God has placed people in my life to remind me not to do that. To still do nice things-for myself. To take time out-for myself. Because really, if I don't take care of ME, there won't be anyone else stepping up to do it. I will just become angry, grouchy, resentful and burdensome. By taking a little ME time from time to time, I can keep myself a bit more even keel.

And this has been...Deep Thoughts, by Janice

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hulagirlatheart said...

Amen. I just wish we didn't feel so guilty about it when we do something for ourselves.