Saturday, January 30, 2010


We have snow. Not just a little dab, but a LOT. 4" of snowy goodness. It started Friday afternoon despite being predicted for Thurs. just after midnight. All the schools in the area except a couple cancelled school based on that prediction. AND THERE WAS NO SNOW until well after lunch. In case you don't know, schools that cancel after lunch still get to count the full day of school. It shouldn't irk me so much as I am totally unaffected, but it does.

ANYWAY, Lilly has enjoyed the snow like nobody's business. She would be in and out all day if I allowed it. I limit her to about four outings with warm ups in-between. We have to make her come in to warm up. she loves to play outside, especially in snow. Erika went out for a while too. Kayla just does not play in it anymore. That makes me really sad-I just stopped going out and playing in it a couple of years ago because I lack the proper winter outfitting gear-boots, mostly. She is far too young, in my opinion, to give it up. However, I say nothing and hope this passes.

Tonight we have a wedding to attend and I am excited and hopeful they will have a big crowd despite the condition of the roads. The bride is the daughter of one of our favorite couples at church. I know it will just be beautiful. I love weddings almost as much as snow-so putting the two together makes me a really happy camper.

A toast: to marriage, young or old-be committed to making it work and it will. For better or worse for always. Never forget marriages are like life-they have high peaks and miserable valleys. The valleys make you cling tighter(eventually) and the peaks give you something to look forward to.

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Ami said...

It's really weird to me how a little snow paralyzes our entire metro area. It certainly has its funny side, the media frenzy is amusing to watch, as well as the predictable response from the local politicians. "We're not equipped to handle this snow! We might have to raise taxes!"

Um, guys? Hello... we're on the 35th parallel and it's WINTER. What were you expecting????