Friday, January 15, 2010


Overeating food is an addiction. It just is. Changing that behavior is soo hard. I have so many unhealthy habits and the worst part of food being the addiction is that it is everywhere. I was returning a movie to Redbox last night and on the way home, it was all I could do to resist stopping off and getting chips, a mello yello, or some kind of candy. I was full from supper and I had even had a VERY SMALL scoop of ice cream as a snack. A small scoop of ice cream is enough. I did not feel cheated or 'left out'. It was satisfying. The kids have kind of been going along with me for the most part on portion sizes and hitting all the food groups. They made ice cream an exception though. Kayla called my one scoop "depressing". It wasn't.

I felt like I had really achieved something to pull in the driveway having made no stops. It was a great achievement. I am going to break some really bad habits. I am going to achieve this, but it isn't going to be easy. It is the hardest thing ever. Today my daughters are doing cake decorating. YIKES!! I already have plans for one of them and it will even be decorated accordingly. The other one will likely come home. That is some scary stuff.


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