Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We had an awesome day off yesterday! We went to one of our favorite downtown locations and did some exploring. My kids just love antique stores. Erik and I do as well. It is a little disturbing to find things from my lifetime listed as antiques-but I guess that is just part of getting older. Lilly picked out some long white gloves to wear. Actually, one is white and one is more cream colored but she really doesn't care. She wore them the rest of the day. We also went to a little store that specializes in old jewelry. I think the shopkeeper is about 70ish and she was so happy to visit with Erika and Kayla! I bet she said, "Come here girls and let me show you something!" about 20 times. She knew we were just looking and she was enjoying how much my kiddos love jewelry. They LOVE jewelry! Old jewelry is EXPENSIVE. The girls really were hoping to pick up a trinket with their remaining Christmas money. Once Erik and Lilly joined us from next door though-the shopping was over. Lilly is not a delicate looker. Even with white gloves on. It was a fun outing and we were home in time to have supper and see 24. WOW! That show is way better than most movies.

Okay, I am writing the rest of this post with this in mind-you are probably sick of hearing the daily grind details. I am committing to getting back to writing that is a bit more entertaining, but this post is not it.

I hate to keep blogging about my diet and exercise, but that is just my current dominant thought these days. I also NEED to blog about this because I have failed so many times before and I need to blog this time because I am determined. Past failures are just a small part of the drive to succeed.

So as of today, I have been keeping a food journal for over a week and sticking to the eating plan of covering all the food groups as the food pyramid teaches. My cravings for sugar have gone. I did not even want a whole cookie at Kirchoff's yesterday. That is a HUGE thing. Erik and I shared a cookie and he got the way bigger piece. I went to aerobics again yesterday and joined for the year. It was very hard to go again when I was still sore from Saturday. Today, I am less sore. I am committed to aerobics and they are doing a biggest loser contest. YEAH! Excellent timing to do a contest. This means I have a $$$ incentive.

Overall, I have lost 6 pounds this week. Most of that is due to the fact that I have really cut my sodium intake. It still feels good though. I had reached a number I swore I would never reach and now I am a few pounds away from it again. I will take any and all victories at this point.

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