Thursday, January 21, 2010


My knee feels better! I really babied it last night, made sure I had a pillow between my knees and traded sides often. I also had "spine align" thoughts. I think it helped. The pillow-not the thoughts. ( ;

Today I am searching to find my school groove despite the fact that I have overslept. I'm staying up too late again. The past 3 nights I did not get to bed before 11. I can really tell a difference in how I feel when I miss it.

Mount Washmore is not really tall but it did contain all my clothes, so I was forced to wear a skirt last night. I hate skirts and anything resembling dressing up. AND, based on the last time I went to Walmart, the idea of wearing pajamas instead of real clothes is catching on! I am such a trendsetter. While I have so much influential power, there are a few other things I would like to advocate:
  1. No more taxes!! You(all governments) have to be accountable for every cent you are spending before you are allowed to get any more. The rest of us have to keep track of our money and so do you!
  2. Especially you, schools. Teachers are hopelessly underpaid and the money set aside for education is mind boggling. Kids aren't getting it, teachers aren't getting guess is some top tier bullsh*tters are getting 6 figures or more. Cut it out and serve the kids and families like you are supposed to.
  3. Vote out Obama. He can go live in Russia where they believe in socialism. We don't want you to take our money and redistribute it for us.
  4. NO GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE! We have seen your ability to handle health care and I firmly believe this is all a ploy so you don't have to admit just how badly you have screwed up medicare. Like we want you to have more money-HA!

Okay, pajama fans-unite!

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