Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Sun

The sun came out today and pretty much melted all of the snow on the roads. Fine with me. I love to see it come AND I love to see it melt away. I am ready for it to go away. Tired of all the tracking in and also the snow gets into my mules pretty bad...those are about the only kind of shoes I wear and in 4 inches of snow, they don't cut it.

I am playing hooky from church tonight but my family isn't. Call me terrible if you want, but I am loving being home alone. I am NEVER home alone. I am always jealous of all the time Erik gets to spend at home by himself...well of all the time he gets to himself in general. The hardest part of the stay-at-home/homeschool thing is the lack of down time. There just isn't any. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to be doing what I do. I knew of the sacrifice it would require of me. I just think I need to start carving out some more time for myself. Lord knows the kids need breaks from me too!!

So, my birthday is creeping up this week and I will be an even number, 38. I've been odd all year and now it's time to get even...heehee.

It is a VERY busy week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are somewhat full. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be absolutely jam packed. I wish I could pare back our schedules and slow things down a bit-but it just isn't possible anymore. I'm just glad to have had a couple of lazy days of gearing down before gearing up!! A weekend reprieve.

I am getting off of here to savor the quiet for another hour or so. Silence is golden.

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