Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aerobics Anyone?

My friend Crystal picked me up promptly at the agreed upon time for aerobics. She again consoled me that these ladies were nice. They would welcome me and be supportive. I again assured her that I hate group exercise. And that I sweat a lot and it will be embarrassing and I would not commit to anything.

Last time I did an aerobics class, I was 23, had lost about 30 pounds and was set to lose about 20 more. I never learned the moves the whole duration of the class. I was so self conscious. Once the term ended I vowed-NEVER AGAIN! Then I promptly found myself impregnated and I began my weight gain adventure. Up to now...I have lost a few pounds here and there but mostly I have just steadily gained weight. Especially with each pregnancy. So not only have I kept my vow against aerobics, I have pretty much been sedentary since I was 23. That, my friends, is far too long to keep from exercising on a regular basis.

All that to say this: Aerobics kicked my a$$. Perhaps I should use another word. Nope, butt or fanny just doesn't sound harsh enough. I did sweat, a lot. I didn't get every move correct. I was often going against the flow. I'm pretty sure I was the fattest person in the room AND I did not care. I was not self conscious. The ladies were awesome, saw quite a few that I already knew. Some that I didn't know just so happened to have their 'fat' picture on them to share with me. MOST of the ladies were several years older than me and quite a few were packing a moderate amount of extra weight. Many, including the teacher, have lost a whole lot of weight and then kept it off for YEARS. The whole experience was grueling and yet, oddly satisfying.

Erik and I discussed this class versus the 'gym' and we decided this would be better. Gyms creep me out. I think it is the gym rats that always work there. The ones who have ginormous muscles and a great appreciation for the female form. It makes my skin crawl. So despite how achingly sore I am from using muscles that have not been used in almost 14 years, I am going to join. I am going to do aerobics 3 times a week and hopefully fill in the other days with walking or such as that in between.

ALSO-this is day 3 of no sodas and the headache today isn't quite as bad as the other 2. It is still there. I actually coveted a Pepsi on the TV screen. AND I HATE PEPSI. This is not going to be an easy road that I have mapped out, but I will do it. My life really does depend on it.

I'm going now to take a Tylenol and enjoy a sedentary night.

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Ami said...

I gave up soda two years ago, or pretty close to two years anyway...

I had all kinds of withdrawal symptoms. It was not fun.

But I can tell you that the craving eventually does go away and you won't miss it.

I drink mostly water now.

You're off to a great start, hang in there!