Monday, January 11, 2010

All in a Day's Work

It started out well. It actually was a great day...until leaving 4H and then the next hour. Then it was a crappy day. Really crappy. Question your ability to parent kind of day. Thank your lucky stars you have a spouse driving the kids home while you attend a Bible study on raising your daughters. Realize God meant for you to attend it, so he sent you reminders to make sure you attended.

Delete Facebook from life. Enjoyable, yes-but I think it is not helping my daughters develop into the people God created them to be. (That is not a judgement call for anyone else's children-so don't hear that and think I am getting preachy.) I hope we can all get it back when we develop some face to face and problem solving skills. For now, it is a crippling thing that had to go.

Tomorrow, a doctor appointment with my mom. YAY. I'm so drained right at this moment, I can't imagine getting up and having another day of running...but I will survive!!

Aren't you glad you read my chipper post? I did NOT love this I am declaring tomorrow my new Monday!!

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