Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It happens every year. Today has made it happen a little early. Cold weather really starts to get on my nerves. Usually it is more the end of February, but on days like today when it sort of snow rains and is very cold, I am just DONE with winter. That does not change the weather any, but I just start to really long for spring and really hate it every time I have to put on a coat (LIKE TODAY) OF COURSE, Let me be quick to point out that snow is always welcome. I love the white flakes falling. Freezing rain and cold temps-not after Feb 1 without a lovely side dish of big fat snowflakes.

All of my deadlines are coming around quickly!! Valentine's party is FRIDAY!! Progressive dinner Friday!! GS VParty is MONDAY! CAMPING is the 18th. I have worked all day on Disney prep. Could there BE more literature, websites, etc??? I don't think so. It is as overwhelming as the parks themselves. I have decided we will follow the Fodor's guidebook and fill in with anything else we have time for. Since we only have 4 PARK days, we will not get to see it all. HOWEVER, we have 7 days in Orlando and plan to venture to the ocean after that. We will be able to put in a day at the Orlando Science Center as well and also spend some time with Erik's Aunts and Uncles (2 sets of them). We soooo need a vacation. We have saved as much money as is humanly possible and Erik's Mom and Dad have financed a good portion of the trip because they love us. I can't wait!! I will have serious blog withdrawal, although we are considering bringing the laptop. We will be in a 3000 sq ft house with a heated pool. That will be really really hard to leave!!

Sara- BTW, I had no idea you knew me so well or were such a good test taker. Either way, it is always nice to make 100 on a test! Pretty good scores overall. I am not very mysterious I guess. I hope you all make a test too!

Still behind on my housework, one more load of laundry to fold and one more to wash and dry. Can't seem to work up the ooomph to get it done. I hope too in the next few hours. Disney pamphlets and books have turned my brain to jello.


BohemianMama said...

Wow! Have a great trip, that sounds like sooo much fun. Isn't it a blessing to have in-laws that care so much?

jettybetty said...

Sounds like you need a trip to leave winter behind! When do you leave???