Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I got a makeover...at least my blog did. I realy like it, colorful and reminds me of the green we will see everywhere soon.

Girl Scout Valentine's Party went great-my girls can do three crafts, exchange valentines, have cupcakes and punch in less than 30 minutes. I was not rushing them at all, they are just really quick!!

My homeschool support group meeting is the light of my life now. I just love these ladies. I crave transparency and most of them have it. We live in such a fake world. People pretend to be something they are not and want me to as well. I'm not wired that way. God wants us to sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron. We can't "sharpen" one another if we are all full of hot air and boloney! Too many churches are full of "shiny, happy people" to quote a band I don't like. Now that song will be stuck in your head...sorry. Karri had such a great meeting planned, we all shared the Bible scriptures together that were to remind us to encourage one other. We all shared personal stories from the homefront. It is so comforting to know some days other homeschoolers watch the bus go by and long for what could have been. I know I have been called to homeschool and it is worth it. This year will have some moments though-when potentially, all could be at school. There will be time for me to be alone in the nursing home! I won't even notice I am alone though because I will be so busy catching up on my scrapbooking.

Happy Greeting Card/Florist Day. Happy "tell your sweetheart you love them cause we said so" day. We made heart shaped pizzas for lunch. I do like this holiday even though the conservative in me wants to hop up on a soapbox and say "Stop the Insanity!" Erik is shopping for the girls...I hope that turns out OK! I refuse to leave the house today. Not because it is Valentine's Day, but because I have run ragged for far too many days in a row. Erik will get special services for his gift. House clean(maybe), dinner, backrub, etc. He will like that more than chocolate.

Happy Valentine's Day!


jettybetty said...

Happy Valentine's to you, too!

I'm thankful you've found a great support group--where you can leave masks behind--those are wonderful!

summer said...

i hope erick enjoyed his "personal services." i'm glad to know that someone is keeping the "national greeting card holiday" the right way!!!!!! hehehehe.
love ya,