Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I have fallen off the wagon and bumped my head severely. My laundry is behind, and I have not gotten up before my children in several days. I am waking up to TV and cookies for breakfast...and fighting over what they are going to watch. This is not my plan!!! I am trying to get back on the wagon, but it is moving so fast!!

I hope all of you are doing so much better. I will catch up today on laundry, I did about 6 loads yesterday and I think three more today will have it caught back up. If I were going to bed at a decent hour I would be able to get up as well. I love late night TV-this habit goes back to about 5th grade.

I am ready a new blog www.critterlife.blogspot.com Jettybetty, your daughter is delightful. I hope mine grow up to have their own faith and relationship with HIM!!

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Try this quiz if it comes out. I got this from crittermer. I made 40 on her test even though I don't even know her. I thought that was pretty good! Laundry here I come!!


Jacinda said...

I got a 50! Some of the ones I got wrong were the "all of the above" questions. Those have always tricked me!

Ryan and Lesli said...

I got a 70! whoohoo!

summer said...

hey!!! i got a 70 too. i too was thrown off by some of the all of the above ones.

Sara said...

I actually got a 100! But....I did read the comments first and had the heads up about the all of the above question along with a few good guesses!