Friday, February 24, 2006

Tomorrow is departure day. I am excited and stressed out to the max. With being sick, cookies and other loose ends I am about to go insane. I can't wait to be off, sort of. We so need a vacation. We have so scrimped and saved for this for sooo long. And blessed substantially by my in-laws.

Lilly said yesterday, "my nose can't breathe". It was the cute quote of the day. We all ended up going to church Wednesday. Mostly to deliver cookies. That is surely more grounds for hell than a play, Sandy, hehe. Lilly and Erika were so pitiful. Only Kayla went to class and Lilly fell asleep. We made a huge dent in the cookies to be delivered. We had a total of over 500 to deliver and we are probably down to 100. Pretty good for 2 days worth of delivering!!

I would love to get out some more of my angst on here, but I really have at least 5 other things I should be doing, so I will go and do!! We are still undecided on taking the will hear from me again but possibly not for a long time!!

See ya!!


jettybetty said...

Have a GREAT trip! Are you all flying?

Perhaps the change in scenery will help all of you feel much better!

summer said...

i hope you are all having a blast and all healthy for your trip!! sometimes vacations can be more stress and work than enjoyment. i pray your is blessed and relaxed for all of you!

janjanmom said...

No Jetty, I could not add flying for the first time(Can you believe it-I am 34 and have never flown!)to my already long list of stressors. The drive was not bad, we have a DVD player for the kids and so it works out ok.

Summer, so far not relaxing at all-but definitely great fun. Disney is a well oiled consumer pleasure craft!!