Wednesday, February 22, 2006

OK, only I got steroids. We all have a lovely expectorant. I love steroids. Your sick, but still strong as an ox. No wonder athletes use them. We all just have wonderful little colds. I woke up to Lilly barking like a seal this morning. I guess church is still out for she and I tonight. Erika is ify, she just looks really tired but seems to feel much better. Kayla, still well. She said, does this mean I will be sick at Disney? I said, even if you are, you will still have fun!

We will be delivering cookies as they arrive today. I am so happy. If our trrop did not count heavily on the money generated by cookies, I would forgo the pain in the rear of selling and delivering. It does teach the girls a good work ethic, especially this year when we just want to bundle in the covers and rest.

Off I go to tackle a crowded day!! Be well. Eat your fresh fruits and veggies! Keep praying for our health ( :


Ryan and Lesli said...

Hope you are feeling better! Have fun on your trip!

BohemianMama said...

Praying for good health for everyone!! Can I come with you to Disney??? I'll watch the kids while you guys go out. C'mon, I can fit in the trunk . . . just give me some Cheetos and let me out to pee and I'll be fine. Won't even know I'm there. :)

janjanmom said...

Julie-you were in until the cheetos!! I hate those things. Orange permeates everything! Thanks for the well wishes all!! Tomorrow is Departure day!!