Sunday, February 26, 2006

How do I even begin to cover the events up to now?? The trip down went really well. The girls are very good travelers. Kayla is the most curious child in the world. She likes to always be informed of as much as possible, what time is it? what time will we be there, what state are we in now, can I see the atlas, what is the name of the city we are in right now...I love her mind. I don't always though. We left at about 2:30 AM Friday night, my brilliant idea. Erik played at Fat Moe's and I thought when he got home from his gig, we would just all get up and load up and leave. I would drive the first leg while he slept. It went very well. Excepet that I did not get to bed until about midnight, so really I was driving on pure adrenaline and God-power. I was so hyped up though that I could not have slept anyway. It went fine, I munched celery sticks to keep me lively. There were not any close calls.

We arrived in Orlando at about 3:45 pm and went right to our house for the week. It is awesome. I told Erik's parents just to sell our house and keep paying the rent.


jettybetty said...

Have a great time! I still love Disney!
Glad the drive went well.

Jacinda said...

Is there a difference between being "jealous" and "coveting"? I ask because I'm really jealous that you're in Disney World, but I don't want to covet your trip!!!!! Seriously, have a fantastic time!