Sunday, February 19, 2006

It snowed even more!! All of the kids tracks from earlier today are all covered up. They can't wait to make new ones tomorrow!

I would so love to wake up tomorrow and feel better!! My head is just throbbing! I have not left the house since Friday. I will be going to the health fair at the mall tomorrow whether we feel like it or not. It is our last chance to feel like crap--I mean walk through the colossal colon. Plus, although we ain't feeling 100%, we all have a case of cabin fever that could rival "The Shining". Erik is much better which leaves only Lilly and I but I expect that any day now Erika and Kayla will catch on.

So avoid the Health Fair! There will be sick ones there-I promise we will purell and cough into our elbows!!

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summer said...

now that really sounds interesting. i life size colon. i'm glad your going and not me!