Monday, February 27, 2006

Okay, let me pick up where I left off...We got to Orlando at 4PMish and hooked up with Erik's aunt and uncle who live here in the winter months (and also work at
Disney!). We went to eat with them, came home and swam in our house pool. Then we fell into bed exhausted. We got up to rain on Sunday but kept with our plan of going to animal kingdom. We just went later, arrived about 10Am. It was a little cool, we wore sweatshirts with T-shirts underneathe but we kept the sweatshirts most of the day. We took in all the shows and then rode rides, including the new Everest one. We did not get all the rides in, but it was enough. It was a little too cool for the raft ride. We did the safari which was like going to a zoo that rides you around to see all the animals. We saw all the animals. That is not tpical from what I understand. There were hardly any lines at all so it was a very good experience. I hope the week continues to be like that.

Last night we went into Epcot for their fireworks. IT was fabulosa. It is also a very large park. We will go there on Wednesday probably! Tomorrow we will go to Disney/MGM, Wed-Epcot, Thursday-Magic Kingdom. That is the tentative plan, we have until Saturday to get them all in so we could take another break if we needed to. We are hoping to hook up with Erik's other aunt and uncle and their kids tomorrow or Wednesday. They have a daughter Lilly's age and a younger little boy. They also have season passes to Disney.

Today we are resting and relaxing around home and Orlando. We are going to pick oranges in a bit and have Aunt Wanda and Uncle Danny over for supper. We decided to take a day to chill out and also it will be warmer tomorrow. I am going to go have a soak in our large garden tub. I am never coming home.

Jacinda-the house is big enough for two families, so come on!


jettybetty said...

Is it big enough for a couple more of us--remember I have those airline passes and could be down there--in a snap! *wink*

janjanmom said...

Sure JB-I always say the more the merrier!!

Ryan and Lesli said...

I'm so excited for you all & am thankful you get this trip! Live it up!!

Love ya!