Sunday, February 12, 2006

Since my last post, it has snowed big fat gorgeous snowflakes many many times with no serious accumulation. I LOVE SNOW!! It is sooooo pretty to watch.

The Homeschool Valentine's Party was awesome. We have such a wonderful group!! In most groups, 20% of the people do 80% of the work. In our homeschool group 80% of the people do all of the work and it is AWESOME!! I had great helpers, most everyone showed up that signed up, we were able to bless a couple of families with our leftovers and all the kids (and grown-ups) had fun. I love a good party.

The progressive dinner was awesome too, we had a ball. First we were at Glen and Vickie's which was fabulous. Erik and I are much more comfortable at their house without our children-they have ALOT of antiques around ( ; Then we went on to John and Sandy's. They had tons of candles lit and it was fabulosa!!
My only regret is that because I did not eat all day, I was starving at the first stop and ate too much. That left me not even remotely hungry at the next stop and completely unable to eat any dessert-that has never happened to me before!! The best part was having our friends Stephen & Katie and Dallas & Crystal riding in our van with us. We had never had a van full of grownups before. Nice change!

Saturday night, my friend Elaina came over at 8:30(the kids went to bed at 7:45) and watched our TV and played with our dog and cats while we went out on the town!! Erik wanted to hear some live music since he was finally not playing for a weekend. It was fun. We went to Fat Moe's, CC Cohen's and Jeremiah's. These are all restaurant/bars downtown, but they also have live music. Erik was very well behaved and drank mello yello and coffee. I had a regular margarita and a blue margarita. Since I hardly ever drink anything-these seriously affected me. OOPS...I also had 1 beer with my meal too! I am feeling a little guilty, perhaps I should have stopped at one. I wasn't drunk, but I was definitely light-headed. Next time,if there ever is a next time, I will stop at one or two. Don't want to have a whole drinking discussion on my blog, but would be interested to know how some of you feel on the subject. My husband and I have had many struggles in this area and I still have not made up my mind where I stand. I think everything in moderation is it, but some people can't do that...I dunno!! Our family will never be tee-totalers though.

Next topic...funny story. Lilly, the youngest, is such a drama queen. She loves to be sooo grown-up. Erik was blowing raspberries on her neck and kissing her neck and face. She stopped giggling enough to say "Stop it Dad, you are going to make me have issues!" Erik and I could not stop laughing, so of course, she kept saying it. She has no idea what that means, but I do say that about people sometimes to avoid direct conversation in front of the children, so she had proper context!! I love being a mom!! Too funny!

Well two more busy days in a row of busy days and then I will have just a day or two of unbusy before we camp. This too shall pass and we leave at the end of Feb for vacation that is halfway planned!! We have our house rented, tickets bought and a semi itinerary planned!! I am sooo excited!

Have an awesome week.


BohemianMama said...

LOL!!! Lilly's "issues" comment cracked me UP.

Isaiah's new thing is "I know you don't wanna hear me say dis buuutt . . . ." and then he says whatever he has to say--which is usually hilarious too.

John and I have talked about the alcohol issue a lot also, mainly because of concern for other people we are close to. Niether of us has had probs, but a good friend and some others in our extended families have.

I believe being very careful WHO you do it around is the main issue . . . getting a tad tipsy once a year (or even 2x a year) is not a sign of addiction.

Now, I know many would say that because it is a substance that CAN cause addictions, wreck homes, etc., you shouldn't touch it . . . but I just don't think that's realistic. The Bible doesn't say NOT to drink. But it does have a lot to say about drunkenness, and self-control.

And I don't buy that argument that Jesus and those people didn't drink "real" wine. There is tons of historical evidence to the contrary. Including in the scriptures--why would "drunkenness" even be mentioned if it weren't true alcohol?

So, cheers baby!!!! :)

(let's go have a margarita next time I'm in town)

BohemianMama said...

p.s. If you ever have the chance, you should check out my big sister's blog, you would appreciate her outlook on life also!

Ryan and Lesli said...

I agree with bohemianmama. Ryan and my take has been that it depends on the price you pay. No, not dollar amount, but who could walk in the door and what would be their attitude towards it. Neither one of us see a problem and do have a drink occassionally, but we try to make it the correct time and place. For instance, here in Dallas it is much less of a deal. In fact, we went to a Christmas party with all church people and they were pouring wine for those who wanted it. So, it is much more accepted here as long as it is in moderation. In Paducah, we have had a harder time because it seems that people aren't as accepting. Being an elder's daughter, it was pretty much out of the question because I never knew who would walk in the door of the restaurant and be offended. To me, offending someone and causing them to have problems with me isn't worth it. So, I would say that it is PERFECTLY fine, but just be careful who you are around. Hope this helps. :)

Love ya & your heart!

summer said... i want to go here????? ok, i will. living in dallas has definitely freed me up to look at this "issue" through better glasses. with my upbringing, i was taught it was wrong, no matter what, while i knew my dad drank one beer every afternoon(and still does. my mom also told of my maternal grandfather's alcoholism and how it destroyed he and her family while she was growing up. then i went to a christian college where it was totally illegal and only done by rebels. afterwards, i jumped into a fishbowl and became a ministers wife. i have always done (or not done) things according to who was watching. that's why being in dallas has been somewhat of a freeing experience. i am still a ministers wife, but very few if any, really look at me to see if i'm going to mess up or not. everyone is to involved in their own lives to care. sometimes this is hard, but in this category, (not just speaking about drinking here) it is refreshing. i am trying to learn to make decisions based on what i want to do or how i feel about it, rather than what do people think i should do. as far as drinking i had a glass of red wine at our praiseteam christmas party and a real strawberry daquerie at the superbowl party. (i wasn't driving) i think for me, moderation is the key. having a drink is one thing, getting drunk is another. making it taboo is what fuels the desire to step over the line. that's just my opinion. i'm so glad you and erick had a night out on the town. it feels so good doesn't it.
take care,
love you,