Monday, February 06, 2006

Sandy, I must join you in the February is crazy busy club!! Just to hit the high points: My birthday ( :, Valentine parties for homeschool and girl scouts, taking my Girl Scouts camping in a winterized cabin, GIRL SCOUT COOKIES coming in, progressive dinner, starting a new bible study, various meetings for things I am involved in (homemakers, pampered chef, homeschool support group), and the grand finale of Disney at the end of the month. I also have to get our tax stuff together!! I want to hire a personal assistant, nanny and housekeeper-just for a couple of weeks.

On top if all of that I am still wanting God to use me to help several friends with problems, physical and otherwise. I know lots of people who are sick and recovering from surgeries and I want to be there for that as well.

I love being a woman. My husband would look at my list and think I was crazy, but I like it. Being busy keeps me going. I look forward to projects and lose the ability to study and pray when everything is ho-hum. When it is crazy busy, I have a forced dependence on God and he is ALWAYS faithful.

Somehow in the busyness of life, I still manage to take time for blogging. Honestly probably at least an hour a day. Sometimes that hour is in two shifts, but I love it. I used to feel the same way about email, but blogging is so much more personal. A very cool thing happened this weekend. I have been posting and reading a COMPLETE STRANGER'S blog for some time now. I have enjoyed reading her blog because we are at similar stations in life. I also read because of my friend . These ladies inspire me from afar even though we have never met. The other blogs I read are more because I am keeping up with friends (I am tired of typing in addresses). ANYWAY< Jacinda was posting places she has lived and Paducah, KY was number 1. Later she posts Reidland as the home of her grandparents and goes into a lengthy post about Reidland Church of Christ(my home church) and after posting and emailing we determine that her grandparents lived on MY STREET!!! My street is old and a dead end with few houses. I was certain I lived in her grandparents old house, but it ended up being a neighbor. STILL< very cool connection. Also, a girl named Jenni chimes in that Bret and Summer, her churches new worship minister and wife, came from Paducah she thinks!! Yes indeed, from my church!! I still miss them dreadfully!! Also connected in that is one of our elders daughters who is the secretary there -I am sure Jenni knows her as well. Anyway it is all very interesting how connected we all are if we just visit long enough!!

I am awed and inspired by all the connecting and have made a new blogging friend who found me from Jacinda and has twins and then later another child which is alot like me. Her kids are all in college now so I am very interested in her life and wisdom!!

I love blogging and now you know why.


Jacinda said...

I loved making the connection too!

Ryan and Lesli said...

I love blogging too. It has been so great to be able to connect to people back home!

Love ya! Thanks for sharing!

summer said...

i too have fallen off the wagon. i was gone all weekend on the retreat and exhasted monday. we didn't do anything yesterday,i had ladies bible class this morning so.....i have much to catch up on this afternoon. i'll let you know how much i get done when i blog tonight.
jenni came up to me during the retreat and was telling me about meeting you on jacinda's blog. it really is a small world when you start to look at it.
take care. i hope you got caught up. love ya,