Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sunshine and Endorphins

Today was field day so I have absorbed tons of sunshine and moved alot more than usual. This means I am in a pretty good mood. It was so much fun to enjoy a field day that I did not plan. I got to visit with a whole bunch of friends that I seldom see. I just flittered around like a gnat- visiting here, there and everywhere. My kids had so much fun. Of course, Lilly enjoyed it the most. Those older girls got to socialize though and that always makes them happy. Ribbons were awarded in all of the events which made my kiddos smile. Me, not so much-but hey, it's about the kids not the moms, right?

I am very excited to be on the leadership board for our homeschool group next year. It is such an awesome group. We all enjoy organizing, so it should make for an easy and yet event filled year. We will have a meeting this month so that the retiring leaders can "pass the torch" to the new leaders. As soon as that happens, we can find our own style of how we want to do things. I can't wait.

Next week, all of us girls are going away to camp. It is going to be so much fun from what I hear. I am trying not to set my expectations too high because I have some awesome camp experiences under my belt!! I am setting my expectations low but in the back of my mind, I am really wanting my socks to be blessed right off. I just learned today that I will be in a cabin of campers and not be kitchen help. Already, that is a nice blessing. I was totally willing to do whatever but I am secretly very thankful to get some time out of the kitchen for once!! I always do kitchen work, not because I love it, but because it has to be done and I can always figure out easily what needs to be done. Plus, most people avoid it like the plague, so it's always available.

I got my gardens weeded yesterday and I am VERY glad that I switched to smaller bed type gardening instead of the big garden that was largely ignored. It is so much easier to pay attention to. This afternoon, rains have come to water my garden and that makes me smile. Rain and sunshine make the garden grow.

OK. That is my totally random and rambling post for today. Tomorrow I will be pushing my kids to do as much school as possible in the time before and after taking my mom to the doctor. WOO HOO!

Have a blessed Wednesday!


Mia said...

WOW!! That field day post happened fast!!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Where's our rain?

Happy Free-Float-Fellowship!

Tiffany said...

Field day sounds fun...I should suggest that to one of the more organized moms in our homeschool group. I could never pull something like that off but it sure would be fun.
I have a couple of friends doing the "bed gardening" and their gardens are beautiful.