Monday, June 01, 2009

Simply Monday, June 1st

I'm joining Peggy!

FOR TODAY , Monday June 1

Outside my window... is a gorgeous day. It makes my blood pressure go down and my heart sing just to look out at it.
I am thinking... about how wonderful and versatile homeschooling is. I am thinking also about how much I love the things we found yard saling Saturday.
I am thankful for... summer and all the fun things it brings around. Swimming, boating, gardening, CAMP, playing with friends, summer reading program at the library, $1 movies-I could go on forever!
From the learning rooms... we are finishing our last week of school. The girls have their entire weeks work in front of them. I hope they finish early-but I am not counting on it!!
From the kitchen...we just had one of our favorite lunches-lima beans and rice. My friend Amanda told me about how much they like them and I laughed at her. We then tried it and we really like them alot. I cook the beans with chicken bouillion and then we pour them over our rice. Dessert is leftover rice with sugar. Very easy lunch.
I am wearing... black skort, black shirt
I am creating... Lilly's spelling lists for next year. Clean laundry. Many piles of things to give away. Sign up lists for next year's PATCH club to be ready for Field day.
I am going... to go ahead and start our summer traditions even though we are still finishing up school. Tomorrow's $1 movie will be on our agenda.
I am reading... I am just reading my Jesus Calling devotional book right now. It's been a busy couple of weeks.
I am hoping... to be packed for camp by Thursday!!
I am hearing... the goofy conversations of tweens.
Around the house... apparently a tornado came through here. Everything is in shambles.
One of my favorite things... friends.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Lilly is going to Bible school in the evening this week with a friend. Movies tomorrow. Field Day on Wednesday. Dinner with a friend on Thursday. Leave for camp at week's end. WOW. Already June and almost all planned out!!
Here are pictures I am sharing...
Quote from Kayla:
"I don't know why we have to fish, all you ever do is throw them back anyway."


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Tiffany said...

We also love lima beans and rice but we do something a little different with them--we cook it all together and add some oil and LOTS of dill weed. They are soooo good! $1 movies sound great! None of those around here but they have them in my hometown. We always go when we visit.
Have fun at camp!
Congrats on wrapping up your school year~

hulagirlatheart said...

LOVE the fish quote. That Kayla loves the lake, doesn't she?

Okay, I'm not sold on the lima bean thing, as it is one of the very few vegetables I don't care much for. However, I'm going to keep an open mind about it and try it. Maybe.

Trailboss said...

That quote is priceless but very true!

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