Friday, June 19, 2009

Tid Bits

I left out a few things on my last post. Health type things. Fun things.

I went to the doctor when I got home from camp.

The reason? My feet and ankles after 5 days of camp began to swell like melons. I was propping them up on chairs like a granny. Was I possibly overhydrated? I was drinking alot of water and the ice machine was my best friend. Also, an old kickball injury from last fall was making my right knee hurt so bad, I had the awesome CAMP MEDICAL STAFF wrap it for me-just in case it might help. It did help, however, the constant, "Oh my, you're hurt, what happened?" made me trot right back to them for removal after a couple of hours. So, I was a work-in for the first Monday after camp.

The verdict? The swelling was due to too much salt. I am not a health nut, but we don't eat alot of convenience type food. She checked my kidneys to make certain and there will be more tests at my physical next week. However, constant activity plus too much sodium can cause water retention. Solution? Lasix- a diuretic. Three P's for lasix(it's actually alot more than that!). Swelling is gone and I will only be on it for one week. Thank goodness-I was already an FPV(frequent potty visitor).

The knee was x-rayed and is not broken or damaged. I am diagnosed with early onset arthritis. I am sure this is related to my weight issues. And it stinks to know it will not get better. It does help alot to know that nothing is going to be further damaged by activity. Swimming yesterday really helped it alot. Our easy set pool is the best it has ever been and so I have no excuse not to do some low impact, maximum benefit exercise!!

Next, I challenged a camper who is dealing with diabetes to join me in losing 50 pounds before camp next year. I shared with her the story of my mom and the fact that I am at risk for diabetes too. She is an awesome girl who is in early stages of diabetes-meaning she could not get it if she manages her weight and diet. We are facebook friends so I will be thinking of her often and hoping to challenge her while she challenges me. Both of us losing 50 pounds will improve our lives a great deal!!

I think that about covers everything going on right now.


Ashley said...

I meant to tell you yesterday that your post yesterday really spoke to me.

Good luck with your challenge, you'll do great!

ShortyMom said...

Good luck with the challenge!

Jason, as himself said...

Too much salt. How many of us eat too much salt? Probably ALL.