Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Tea Anyone?

We re-elected one of the slickest governors ever in Kentucky yesterday.  We, as in my state...not we as in me.  I did not vote for the man.  I would stay home and trim my nose hair first.  And that would be a job because I don't have THAT kind of nose hair. (Yet, I have seen the aging process and it affects everyone eventually.)  BUT, I will have to live with the consequences of the election.  He has done nothing, I repeat, nothing for our state.  Oh wait, he has collected a paycheck.  AND, once his opponents nailed him to the wall on just how much he was spending, he did make some cuts.  Cuts he publicized like his life depended on it, because, his political life did depend on it.  AND, it worked.  I believe he only won because his opponent is even slicker than he is.  AND, he is supposed to be a different party.  Nope, they are in the same party...the GREEDY party.

I am so tired of career politicians.  I think a few of them go into it honest and emerge jaded and bought.  I really think though, that most of them go into it knowing exactly what they are getting into.  It is the place for slick talking car salesmen types.  The ones that promise you the moon with a wink and smile.  Then, when your car breaks down, they apologize and comfort you and assure you if they could do anything to help, they would.  Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done.  The really good ones will also somehow convince you that they were also done dirty right along with you.  The professional ones will then see about fixing you up in another car that they know the personal history of so you can at last, 'get a good one'.  They will even give you 'one heckuva break' on the price.  You leave with car number two and a head spin that makes you dizzy.  When car number two breaks down, you would really like to go in and give him a piece of your mind, but you stay away- terrified that you might somehow get swindled into car number 3.

So, here we are fellow voters, on car number 1000.  We love candidates that are different from the norm.  Sarah Palin, Obama and the like.  They seem just like us.  Honest.  Wanting what is best for the country.  Wanting to change things.  Shake up Washington.  BUT WE NEVER GET THAT!!  Instead, it is just the same crap, different candidate. 

My theory?  It is the parties.  The Democrats and Republicans.  They just need a front man.  Once that is in place, all the back room deals and kickbacks launch full force.  Too many people are riding the gravy train of Congress.  They just take turns being in charge.  They pretend to represent us, but it is all just a big buffet of taxpayer money with the people of congress all trying to get as much on their plate as possible.

How to stop it?  The same way you stop an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Portion controls.  Cut back the food.  Without so much food on the buffet, the really big eaters have to either cut back their consumption or go to another buffet.  If CONGRESS wasn't such a lucrative job, it would not attract such big eaters.  Maybe it would attract some normal folk who just want to make a comfortable life for their family while doing the right thing by their fellow countrymen.  You know, like the way the Constitution designed it. Remember the Constitution??  We USED to study it in school.  The plan was for all of us to take a turn.  There was never a plan for a group of people to do this for life.  How could you possibly be in touch with the needs of your constituents if you only hang out with fellow fat cats in Washington?  EXACTLY.  They are not in touch at all.

Time for a new party.  A Tea Party.  A party for people who want the government to get out of their pocketbooks and quit 'redistributing' the wealth.  Time to bring some manufacturing back to our country so we have jobs.  Time to make the crap from China cost a little more so we won't love it more than jobs.  Time to quit building things we are just gonna throw away in a year.  Time to quit buying things that we are gonna throw away.  Time to go back in time to where quality was worth it.  Time to be workers, not just consumers.  Will it be painful, oh yeah.  We are so far into consumerism without work that people don't even think they should pick up their own litter.  They would rather hire a maid to do it.  We don't even want to run the dishwasher-paper plates are too cheap!  YIKES.  We sure are spoiled.  Desperately in need of a time-out or a really firm slap on the wrist. 

Something better change soon...or we will find ourselves in a socialism stew that sounds like a steak dinner, but serves up alot more like potted meat.  AND the biggest problem with potted meat?  We don't even know what's in it.

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