Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Best Friend

Oh Blogger, you are still my very best friend.  Sometimes something shiny (Facebook...words with friends) distracts me from you, but I never forget you.  You have helped me grow into a woman that knows herself.  A woman that is much more thoughtful and polite.  You have given me a level of introspection that I never dreamed was possible.  AND, all while you were helping me know me better, you were giving others a clear view right straight into my heart.  Some of those people, though we have never met, have become my friends.  Others, though we knew each other for a long time, made a deeper connection and solid friendship.

I am thankful for blogs and bloggers.  The depth of honesty found in MOST blogs is inspiring.  It is here that we can confess we don't have it all together.  Then we can rehearse that out loud a few times and lose the pretense altogether.  Then, we change the world because everyone stops pretending...just a little bit at first but then more and more each day. 

I am thankful for this blog, the people who read this blog, and the links that represent a small faction of the blogs I read on a regular basis.  BLOGS ROCK!

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