Monday, November 28, 2011


I am a blogger slacker.  I apologize.  Now we shall just move on and I will try to do better.  I know all three of my readers wish I posted more often. ( :

I am in the midst of a spiritual dilemma.  One of my very dear friends is busted in sin.  One of my other very dear friends is puffed up in righteous anger.  AND, the way I see it, they are both sinning.  I love them both.   I forgive them both.  AND, my heart aches.  Sin hurts the sinner and everyone else around it.  Unforgiveness of sin, whether confessed or not, hurts the same.  The hardest part of living in community is what to do when somebody screws up...big.  It happens.  The old bumper sticker that says, "Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven.", is right on the money.  We got more sins than Carter's got pills.  Even when we think we don't.  Lots of us really think we don't.  I think that sin is called pride.

Some folks think when you sin and get busted, there should be some big announcement followed by a confession.  I just don't find that in my Bible anywhere.  Confess your sins to one another, yes.  Confront your brother in sin, yes.  Bring him before the whole church and call him on it?  Oh my, I hope it never comes to that or I am in big is EVERYONE ELSE!!

So...that is where I am today.  Hurting.  Praying for healing of my little family.


Ami said...

I hope the situation resolves without more people being hurt. It's hard when your friends are hurting.

How have you been?

Ami said...

Oh, and PS... I quit reading my google reader and somehow forgot to add you to my sidebar, so now you're there and I'll keep up better.