Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Random and Odd

  • My kitty cat loves the Christmas tree.  She has decided the play is worth the occasional 'spray bottle episode' to bat at the ornaments.
  • I've been sending out Christmas cards complete with a newsletter for as long as I can remember.  Not sure either is going to happen this year...so much on the to-do list!
  • David Baldacci is the best author ever.  I haven't read a dud book yet.  They are all good. I am sad though, almost listened to all of them.
  • I still love my job.  It is almost perfect.  Flexibility is awesome and critical to me being able to have a job outside the home.  I do kind of wish I made more money, then it would be perfect.
  • I have started cooking Wednesday night meals at my church.  I love it, it is so much fun.  I've always liked cooking and who doesn't love cooking for a bunch of folks that appreciate it and make sure you know it.  Win/Win.  It is quite a bit of work, but lots of people kick in to help and many hands do make work lite.
  • Harry Potter's last movie is released for rent today.  I hope so much to get one!!!  I love the Harry Potter series.  The girls and I have listened to all the books and seen all the movies.  Good times.
  • I guess that is all I have.  I have a bajillion other things I SHOULD be doing.

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