Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Woman of Faith?

Sometimes I look back over my journey of becoming a mother and see that it goes hand in hand with my Christian walk.  I had drifted so far from God that it definitely took having children to bump me back on course.  One of the things that happened to me along the way to really deepen my faith was a friend inviting me to an event.  Her church was taking a church bus to the Music City Nashville for a Women of Faith women's conference.  Of course, I had not been to one and the thought of it was exciting.  Somehow, we managed to swing it financially and also get childcare lined up.  It was amazing.  It was life changing.

To have thousands of woman in an amphitheater singing praises to God, being encouraged and uplifted by amazing speakers and fellowshipping between sessions was a powerful motivation for me to re-connect with my savior.  I can honestly say that I still remember many of the messages...one lady told the story of Esther and made her one of my favorite Bible women, one of the ladies focused on making sure you have FUN being a Christian.  She told a story of surprising her husband by renting a corvette and showing up at work to pick him up and take him on a date.  I remember Kaye Arthur calling me 'beloved' over and over and how wonderful that made me feel. (Confession...it was the whole audience she was talking to, but it felt like it was just for me.) It was definitely one of those mountaintop experiences.

So now, 12 years later, I am going to one again!!  This year, there is one pretty far from home, but Thomas Nelson is giving this little blogger tickets for free so I can spend a little on gas to get there!!  I can hardly wait.  I know it will be exactly what I need in this season in my life.  I am trusting God for exactly the encouragement I need AND one of my good friends is going along with me so I know it will be awesome.

Click the badge here on my blog and see if there is one in your city or close to your home.  I promise it will be life-changing!  Much needed salve for the wounds this old world inflicts on us daily.  AND, if you are anywhere near Indianapolis...maybe we could meet up for some bloggy bonding over coffee.  ( :

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