Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quadrants and Qther Random Stuff

So, in the interest of true confession, one of my new focuses, I am writing a bit about my time management.  I am not feeling guilty, I have agreed to not feel guilt anymore.  It is a truly worthless emotion.  What I am feeling is the pain of poor planning.  Poor planning costs money, productivity and time with my children that AIN'T COMING BACK. 

Time and words can never be recalled.  (Personal gratification if you can name the author!)

Long ago in a land just like the land I live on now, I was a Pampered Chef consultant.   I loved it.  It was awesome.  If you are thinking about doing it, do it!!  Then, go to Chicago and get the training they offer at National Conference!!  It spills into other areas of life!  I know it does because what I am sharing with you today was taught to me in a training seminar taught by Steven Covey. 

So, for starters, here are the quadrants and what they each contain.  You will find nearly every daily activity falling into one or more quadrants.  MOST Americans spend their time in the fourth quadrant which is the WORST place to be.  Sadly, most of my summer has been there. I get into the habit of being in the right quadrant and then I slack off and fall back into the wrong quadrant.

 The second quadrant is the goal, but of course, the first quadrant will always be making an appearance all the time because life is life and there are always crises and accidents to manage.


from Stephen Covey’s book “First Things First”

1ST QUADRANT  Urgent Not Urgent / Quadrant of Necessity
Crisis , medical emergencies, pressing problems, deadline-driven projects, last-minute preparations for scheduled activities

2ND QUADRANT/ Quadrant of Quality & Personal Leadership
Preparation/planning, prevention, values clarification, exercise,  relationship-building, true recreation/relaxation

3RD QUADRANT/Quadrant of Deception 
Interruptions, some calls, some mail & reports, some meetings, many “pressing” matters, many popular activities

4TH QUADRANT/ Quandrant of Waste
Trivia, busywork, junk mail, some phone messages/email,  time wasters, escape activities, viewing mindless TV shows

My goal for the rest of this summer is to be in the second quadrant.  We are usually there during the school year because we are being productive.  For some reason I think of being off as being totally lazy and unproductive.  IT never feels good.  In fact, it feels like crap AND there is no clean laundry.

Gotta go, today is jammed packed with fun and productivity.  Learn the quadrants and do the same, it will rock your world!

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