Friday, July 29, 2011

People Post

I truly have a love/hate relationship with people.  On one hand, I JUST LOVE them.  They are interesting to watch.  They are uplifting, encouraging.  People are an excellent example of God's sense of humor.  I love to meet couples because they are so often the last two people you would put together if you were playing 'match'.  I love to visit churches and realize that although the faces are different, you can still match them to the people from your church.  I love the way people in cars hardly ever match their bumper stickers(or their cars for that matter).  I love the way the scariest, tatoo-y-ist people are the ones who will spot you a quarter or hold the door open for you.  I love to see big gruff looking men holding a little baby girl and watching how completely wrapped they are.  I love the way people come in all diferent shapes, sizes and personality types. I am amazed when I meet a real life "Pat"...the androgenous person...he or she? I love watching reactions and especially how "Pat" handles it.  I love watching people.  From interaction with others to how they are when alone in a crowd...fascinating.  FaSKINating.

On the other hand, people get on my very last nerve.  The rude way some think they are better than others.   The stupidity of women that dress like skanky hos.  The real stupidity of big fat women that dress like skanky hos and make us all dread summer.  People who smoke and talk nasty while holding little angels.  Women who treat their husbands like idiots...husbands who treat their wives like idiots.  Perverts that check out all females in a 3mile radius in a ridiculously pervy way that makes you feel like you'll never be clean again.  Spoiled brat kids that 'line out their parents' on a regular basis.  People who think animals are better than people. 

I bet you share my dilemma.  I believe we are put on this earth to live in relationship with one another and LOVE with the love of the Lord.  I also believe for some of us, especially with some people, that requires divine intervention.  I also believe the more I ask God for that divine intervention to help me love those I can't stand, the more I realize there are those asking for it to be able to love me.  AND, then I realize that to be loved by another is one of the greatest gifts of all.  To be loved and appreciated with the love of the Lord...PRICELESS.  AND, when we get that, we can begin to heal and become what God has planned for us to become. 

I am very blessed.  I have some people in my life that make it pretty clear that I get on their nerves.  I can name several people that don't enjoy my comments or my company.  However, I am surrounded by many more people who love me despite my flaws.  People who know the REAL me and love me.  Some times in spite of my flaws and sometimes because of my flaws.  God has put me in a place in life where all my friends are not 'in one basket'.  They are all over my life and sometimes I run across 20 of them in one day and it makes my heart sing.

Today was one of those days and I can truly say that although I am tired, it is well with my soul.  God used some really awesome friends to bless my socks off today and I loved every minute of it.

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