Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just Stuff

  • I am highly emotional these days.  It is very annoying.  I know I am in the stage of peri-menopause.  Whatever!!... it is very annoying to not only cry often but to need to cry to feel better.  It's not sad all the time but it is becoming about a once a week catharsis-the sad, unhappy cry.  The good news is that the other 3 or four times a week I am tearing up because I feel so lucky and blessed...that is a good kind of cry to have (if you have to have one).  So, saying something very nice to me OR something not nice may get you the same result...use caution.  ( :
  • My family reunion is coming up.  Right around the time of my oldest daughter's birthday.  This is because when I was 36 weeks pregnant with her, I thoroughly enjoyed several games of volleyball, went with my honey on a motorcycle ride, ate my weight in watermelon and cantaloupe, and then came home and enjoyed being married. ( ;  The next morning my water broke and Erika was born.  This means her birthday often falls on the first Saturday in August which is the date of our reunion.  She doesn't exactly love it.  She also doesn't exactly hate it, so we are okay.
  • School starts back on Thursday.  Too soon for my taste.  Mid September would be my preference, but I think we could all use a bit more structure.  Mid September wasn't an option when we homeschooled just wasn't a big deal to go back to school so early when we were homeschooled.  I am often romanced by the thought of returning to homeschooling.  Then the kids have a fight over something, I have to referee and then I remember why we could no longer be together 24/7.  Then I sing a little song of praise because I don't have to do grades, lesson plans or syllabi.  WOOT WOOT!!
  • Back to school shopping sucks.  I haven't had to do it since Erika was in third grade. I just hate it.  We have been sort of saving up and knowing this day was coming, but the cost is a little staggering.  Completely staggering.  Now, we again have to factor extra gas and lunch money into our budget.  And little surprise expenses.  Gosh, a free education sure costs a lot of money.
  • I had dinner with my mom Friday night and it was a very nice visit.  We went to the cemetery where the aunt I named Lilly after is buried. (I adapted the spelling because all of my kids have five letter names.) Lillie Phillips Davidson was born June 1, 1888 and died October 16th, 1980.  I was only 8 when she died but I loved her so much.  She filled empty medicine bottles with pennies to give us when we came over.  She had rice crispies and delicious WHOLE milk (we always drank powdered milk at home...YUK!).  She usually cut thin slices of banana up in the rice crispies for us.  If we had a cough(and we always made sure to), she mixed up honey and lemon juice and fed it to us by the spoon full.  She never had children but you sure couldn't tell it.  She loved us with all her heart and I feel kind of sad my kids don't have an elderly great aunt in their life that thinks they are IT.  I still have the Bible she gave me.  She is one of the things I look forward to most about Heaven.  And Aunt Jewell and Aunt Dola...two other great aunts that loved me.
  • I'm going to a Women of Faith Conference and I cannot wait!!  Erika asked me today when I was going and I told her.  She asked when I was coming back and I said, "I'm not."  I am going to stow away in one of the speaker's suitcase and travel the circuit with them.  Do you think they will notice?
  • I guess that is all for now.  I truly intended to go to bed early tonight.  LOL.

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