Thursday, August 04, 2011


The little ducklings are all at school today.  Nervous and excited and loving every minute of it.  Oh, they claim to hate school just like every other child in America.  But, I know they love it.  How do I know?  No one could sleep due to the nervous energy in the and dad included.  Everyone was up at the crack of dawn.  Clothes carefully laid out last night were donned and then changed and then tweaked.  No one wanted clothes that scream NEW, but no one wanted to repeat outfits from last year either.  School supplies were packed carefully.

This morning's breakfast casserole was devoured and mom hopes there was enough protein to get them to lunch.  Poptarts were also provided so children would not be tempted to pay 75 cents for one in the breakfast line.

I think about this public school decision all the time.  I do not regret homeschool.  I can still argue both sides of the coin.  BUT, I do know this, my kids love school and that makes me feel good about the direction our life is going in and good about all the years I invested in homeschool.

Did I mention that I have just spent one whole hour enjoying the morning cool of our air conditioning and savoring the bliss of solitude?  As the day wears on, the cool will become less since it is hotter than hellfire and brimstone in Kentucky right now.  I will go out and finish the last of my two stores today.  BUT, this solitude will last the entire day until 3:15ish.  AND, tomorrow it will begin again.  Lest you be very jealous, know that from 3:15 until bedtime it will be a crazy madhouse.  There is cross country practice, supper, homework, last minute projects, last minute shopping and family stuff.  All crammed into a ridiculously tight 4 hours or so.  And this solitude is what will make it all possible. 

Gotta go change out of my referee shirt and into loungewear.  Now, where did I put my bon bons?

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