Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Just for today...

  • I will let it go that my mom does not follow doctor instructions and remind myself that it is HER body, her life and her decision.
  • I will enjoy my children instead of acting as though every decision they make will make or break the rest of their life.
  • I will accept the fact that housework is totally postpone-able.
  • I will allow myself to stuff some emotions, stuff 'em way down instead of being a jumble of emotions all the time.  I can feel emotions without letting them take over only if I just stuff 'em every once in a while when they are too numerous.
  • I will choose happiness...it is a choice.
  • I will choose gratitude...it is a choice.
  • I will choose health...it is a choice.  The next decade will be determined by how I treat my body this decade.
  • I will talk to God when I have a problem.  I will talk to Him first.  He has the best answers and He is the only one who can really do anything about, well, anything.
Have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!! 

If you are a sandwich generation caretaker??  My hat is off to you, and I am reminded daily to pray for you.  We have a tough calling and with the grace of God, we will show love in the place of pinching a head off. 

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Mia said...

My parents both passed away very young so I will not experience parent-care taking. However, I took care of my grandmother for seven years all the while homeschooling...looking back I know the Lord carried me through that whole season cause there is sure no way I could have done it! I pray for you and your Mom all the time just so you know ;)