Wednesday, March 30, 2011


...from my former bad mood/injury of feelings/pity party.  Isn't it amazing how hurt feelings can run so deep and impact so many days worth of my life???  I am trying to rectify that and not allow someone that kind of power over me.  On one hand, I want to feel my feelings-not repress them.  On the other hand, I don't want to allow those feelings to get carried away and take over my life!  GOSH!  Or as we say in the south, GARSH!  I'm just kidding, we don't all add extry R's.

So this week and weekend are whirlwinds.  There is much to do and plenty of time to get it all done...I am just trying to savor the moments.  If I think about how much time I have left with my kids, it makes me weepy.  Then I really start to get freaked out...and then I chill and try to focus on what great kids they are.  Not perfect, I am not bragging-ok maybe a little. 

Tonight is a last night fun-fest with my middle school class at church.  The quarter ends and part of me is sad and part of me, delighted.  The book of Esther is so powerful and I hope these kids have gotten at least the 'for such a time as this' message out of our studies.  We all have our times we are born into to be useful to God in and this is ours.  I have struggled a bit with classroom control with this age group.  I wanted the class to be fun, but these classes can easily get hi-jacked by overzealous middle schoolers!!  I have enjoyed keeping the torch burning this quarter, but I must admit I am ready to pass it to the next teacher in line.  But I shall return, they are a really great group of kids!

Lilly's science fair is Friday...we are in the final stages of board preparation.  This is our second science fair of THIS school year.  ARGH!  One is REALLY enough.  I plan to spend the day at her school being a helper.  She will be so happy!

This weekend is full of thrill packed adventures.  Next week is spring break.  If we can just get some gorgeous spring weather...70's and no rain...I will be such a happy camper.  ( :

Enjoy this wonderful Wednesday.  May your to-do list be small and manageable with all things crossed off of it by early evening!!

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