Saturday, April 09, 2011

Buyer's Remorse

Ah yes, ye old buyer's remorse.  The regret of making a purchase.  The price may be high or low, the remorse usually varies in intensity according to that price.  However, today I am not feeling buyer's remorse.  Not one little bit.  You see, we purchased Netflix quite some time ago.  We enjoyed it and tried to be quick about watching our DVD and getting it back in the mail for the next one to come along.  We watched unlimited TV shows and movies online as well.  At $9 a month, it is a great value.  Now we have recently become XBOX LIVE subscribers.  This coupled with Netflix allows us to watch any instant play movies, TV shows or documentaries.  We are on cloud nine.  We love watching movies unlimitedly.  It is awesome.

So many things we have purchased over the years that have caused us buyer's remorse:
  • A brand new car-it had no pick-up and was so cheaply made in comparison to the car we traded.
  • A water softener.  What a pain in the butt.  We were so high pressured sold that we felt like scum of the earth if we did not soften our water.  We would be fools to use 10X the soap we were supposed to and not enjoy the added perk of a water filtration system. ( POPPYCOCK!!)  So glad to move away from that waste o'money and fifty pound bags of potassium that we had to stay stocked up on.(You may have one and love it, if so, I am very happy you feel that way.)
  • Nice beautiful almost white carpet...I wish I could blame all of the stains on children, but it was already stained beyond belief before the first child was born.
  • SLOW LEARNERS...we later bought an off-white loveseat. 
  • A very expensive cherry dining room set...before children but we had 2 cats.  Day two involved a kitty wrestling match and several scratches on that smooth tabletop.
Oh, there are so many more I could mention.  ( :  Instead I am choosing to go enjoy the awesomeness of xbox live + netflix.  Not to mention the total lack of buyer's remorse.

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