Monday, April 11, 2011

The Cave

I like to think that I am very extraverted because I am loud and love to talk, visit and socialize.  However, in the past 16 years but mostly since having children , I am very in tune with my inner introvert.  After a fun filled week of SPRING BREAK, today I just want to be in my cave, my alone cone if you will. 

Tomorrow, there is much required of me...lots of stuff for me to do all day long.  Today though, the calendar is clear and so far I have had a small nap, talked with hubs on the phone...warned him not to expect me to accomplish much today, and now I am blogging.  That is probably as social as I'm gonna get.

The cat and I shall have a cave day...oops, she is already into her seventh nap of the day and it doesn't seem to include me.  Whatever.  The rain outside my window encourages me to stay on the path of the cave.  ( :

Have a wonderful Monday...hopefully cave-alicious.

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Tiffany said...

I definitely consider myself an extrovert. However, after a day or weekened or week of socializing I absolutely have to have time alone. I hole up in my room with a book and definitely pull away from everyone. If I've been on vacation with lots of people or had people at my house for an extended period of time it can sometimes take me days to recover. Part of this is because I am a people pleaser and social butterfly and when I am with people I am "on," constantly aware of everyone and whether they are happy, comfortable, etc. This is exhausting even if I'm having fun. So, I can totally get the need for the alone cone. :0)