Wednesday, April 13, 2011


  • Erik and I are doing some 'emotional budgeting'.  This means we are purposefully making time for one another and also our kids.  We are looking to be more intentional with our time.  This is a very new concept for us...we are used to just vegging in front of the tube during all 'free' time.
  • We are also going to try regular budgeting.  We've done the whole Dave Ramsey plan.  It was awesome and it totally worked.  Now we don't do it anymore.  We can't really decide why we stopped, but we are ready to try try again.
  • I have to get really serious about decluttering.  My not quite finished decluttering projects are all over the place.  Soon, I need to be selling some curriculum and giving The Salvation Army some serious boxage.
  • I must get back on track with my 'life plan' for weight loss.  I refuse to call it a diet because it is supposed to be forever.  I have gained a very tiny amount of weight back...not part of the plan.  Sure it is only a small amount (4lbs) BUT it is 4 lbs in the wrong direction.  Easter candy, specifically
    is sabotaging me.  That is totally un-Christlike, Dove!
  • I have come home twice this week and taken a nap because I was up too late.  This is not the kind of time management skills I am looking to develop.
I need to get off of here and work on some positive changes.  The non-positive changes are not serving me well.


Sara said...

Wow! May the Lord be your strength and your inspiration in all your sorts of budgeting and decluttering. So fun!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

You're making me tired just thinking about all of that hard work. I'll take the nap, though.