Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Today, I have to share this excerpt from a series at one of the blogs I regularly read, Sandy at God Speaks Today:

And finally, according to Dr. Flett, here are The Top 10 Signs that Your a Perfectionist:

-You cannot stop thinking about a mistake that you made.

-You are intensely competitive and cannot stand doing worse than others.

-You either want to do something 'just right' or not at all.

-You demand perfection from other people.

-You will not ask for help if asking can be perceived as a flaw or weakness.

-You will persist at a task long after others have quit.

-You are a fault-finder who must correct other people when they are wrong.

-You are highly aware of other people's demands and expectations.

-You are very self-conscious about making mistakes in front of others.

-You noticed the error in the title of this list.

I DID NOT notice the error in the title.  Some might say I am tired...I prefer to cling to the notion that janjanmom is finally...recovering!!

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Sandy Cooper said...

Thanks for linking to me. For what it's worth, when I first read the list, I didn't notice the error in the title either...though I must admit, I was skimming. :)