Thursday, February 03, 2011


...and holding.  I have officially reached the last age.  The one everyone quits on.  I have had an amazing day and it isn't over yet.  Plus, there is more to come tomorrow.

I have to tell this fabulous story about my amazing husband.  With all the techies in the world, smart phones have become a way of life.  Most people can and do access the internet with their phones.  I have played with these phones, studied them, researched the operating cost and determined...I love my trackphone.  The frugal guru in me knows that I have the best value.  2 of my sisters have smart phones and I often play with theirs.  My sister Pam even has smart gloves...they have little pads on the finger and thumb so you can operate your phone with gloves on.  All of this has led me to calling my phone a dumb phone.  All it can do is be a phone and text.  It also features the amazing graphical game of might even be Snake II.  I call it a dumb phone affectionately because I don't really want a smart phone.  Too much $$.  AND, I would have access to the internet everywhere, which for me would be really dangerous.

Now to the part about my husband being amazing.  He did not know that my nick-name of dumb phone was affectionate.  (I also call my fingers and gloves dumb around adds to the humor.)  He simply heard me call it a dumb phone and though I was sad for not having a better phone.  So he presented me with one last night for my birthday and added that I would no longer have a dumb phone.  I tried desperately to play with it...but realized that I would definitely have to read the instruction manual to operate it.  We took a couple of bad pictures and then went on facebook.  Then I had a flashback to 1996 when we got a $120 bill for our $40 a month cell phone and I found myself unable to breath.  I confessed that I love my cheap PREPAID NO SURPRISES dumb phone.  ALOT.  I don't love change.

(This is the exact phone and it is terribly cute.  I also fully realize it is not a smartphone by definition, but for my purposes...really stinking smart!)

Today we met at Best Buy, expressed our buyer's remorse and returned the smart phone.  I feel like a 20 ton load is lifted off of my shoulders.  I may be the only person in the world to feel this way, but I don't want a smart phone.  I love my dumb phone.  Not as much as I love my smart husband who lives to make my wish his command if it is possible.  The fact that he was willing to sign a contract for two years of service to get me something he thought I wanted...well, let's just say that is the gift that keeps on giving...for both of us.

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E.T.'s Mom said...

Awww, how sweet! Your hubby did good. Really good.

My dumb phone is all I need (that includes the payments!) and I hope I never fall in love with a phone at all.